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Meridian is in a unique position to be your full-service, forward-thinking business partner. Our brilliant humans are globally positioned and dedicated to bringing you the best solution with your business, technology, and financial objectives in mind.

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IT Solutions and Services

Meridian IT is a services company that helps you consume technology the way you want for today and for tomorrow. With over 160 OEM partners and hundreds of services professionals throughout the world, we help you select and implement the solutions you want and provide the expertise on the solutions you need. Meridian IT has locations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, and China.

Equipment Leasing and Financing

Meridian Leasing offers leasing and finance solutions for medical, construction, material handling, and IT equipment in the United States. As an independent lessor, Meridian Leasing offers guidance about equipment, vendor, and financing alternatives without bias or compromise. We primarily serve four main industries: healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and wholesale & distribution.

Leadership Team

Brad Ihlenfeld

Chief Executive Officer, Meridian

Mike Brannan

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Meridian

Rochelle Slater

Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Meridian

Bill Flaherty

Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer, Meridian

John O'Connor

Vice President, Taxation, Meridian

Scott Schrader

Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Meridian

Steve Zogg

President, Meridian Leasing, North America

Steve Bickford

President, Meridian IT, North America

Tim McDermott

Executive Vice President & General Manager, Meridian IT, North America

John Keast

Country Manager, Meridian IT Canada

Tim Patronik

Senior Vice President, Meridian IT EMEA

Dexter McGinnis

Board of Directors, Concat AG, Germany

Olaf Von Heyer

Managing Director, Concat AG, Germany

Stefan Tübinger

Managing Director, Synergy Systems GmbH, Germany

Steve Young

Managing Director, Meridian IT UK

Stephen White

Managing Director & Member of Asia-Pacific Board of Directors, Meridian IT Australia

Eugene Eng

Country Head, Southeast Asian Operations, Meridian IT Singapore

Krishnan Subramanian

Country Head, Meridian IT India

Nick King

Senior Vice President, Operations, Meridian IT Asia Pacific