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- Time to power up
A century of IBM technology innovation has culminated in the breathtaking performance of POWER7™, the systems of the future. Business needs have changed and the intelligence of POWER7™ maximizes everything you need more of - performance, virtualization, modularity and scalability - with much less of all the rest - energy consumption, downtime, rack space and, crucially, TCO.

It's the complete package - a reliable hardware and software roadmap with twice the previous performance and, due to IBM's 40 years' of virtualization experience, four times the virtualization capability. Power7's™ massive workload consolidation drives maximum utilization and therefore, maximum cost efficiency.

Increased capacity and effective memory add flexibility to the package, there's availability to spare for your 24/7 workload and to keep energy costs at a minimum, POWER7™ delivers three times the performance per watt.

Best of all, once you choose from the three Power systems - the entry-level Power 750 Express, the Power 770 with virtualization and the top of the range Power 780 - we can ensure your upgrade from POWER6® or your migration from Sun, HP or x86 is safe, simple and seamless.

Click here to review all the POWER7™ offerings; we're available anytime to talk you through the best options to maximize return on investment for your organization.

IBM System x® Enterprise Servers
IBM System x enterprise servers are the ideal platform for the highly consolidated, virtual server environments that run today’s business-critical applications such as database processing, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning.

With multiple workloads running on the same server, performance remains important but reliability and availability become more crucial than ever. IBM System x enterprise servers are built with eX4 technology, which includes a unique chipset and other advanced capabilities giving you higher throughput and exceptional reliability.

IBM BladeCenter® Blade Servers
By integrating servers, storage and networking, IBM BladeCenter is helping companies in every industry sweep complexity aside.

The blades contain all the necessities for running an application — processors, memory, I/O and storage. The chassis contains shared redundant power, shared hot-swap cooling, DVD, integrated Ethernet, storage, switching and consolidated powerful management. Its innovative, open design offers a true alternative to today’s sprawling racks and overheated server rooms. So toss your cables. You have nothing to lose but complexity.

System Storage

The combination of new IBM storage with software and Meridian IT services provides integrated end-to-end solutions that address information infrastructure issues around availability, security, retention and compliance.

With explosive growth in data, many organizations struggle to manage, protect, maintain and mitigate the risk of rapidly growing information assets while ensuring regulatory compliance. Gaining control of service levels and growth rates while reducing business risk and optimizing storage management costs requires a sound information infrastructure.

Information infrastructure solutions from IBM and Meridian IT are designed to help you manage the information explosion, streamline costs, improve service delivery and mitigate risks by helping you address core capabilities around information compliance, availability, retention and security.

When it comes to storage, IBM is market leader. Innovative technology, open standards, excellent performance, a broad portfolio of proven software, hardware and solutions offerings - all backed by IBM with its recognized e-business On Demand™ leadership - are just a few of the reasons why IBM storage could be right for you.

IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager
The IBM Tivoli Storage Manager suite of products helps provide a comprehensive solution, focused on key data protection activities - backup, archive, recovery, space management and disaster recovery planning.

Tivoli Storage Manager is designed to help improve scalability, ease of administration and security characteristics. These enhancements can also increase the productivity of those administering and using Tivoli Storage Manager as well as helping improve backup data security.

Lotus Notes® - Your IBM Business Email Solution
Lotus Notes is the business email solution that empowers users with a single point of access to people, business applications and resources across the enterprise and the Internet, helping them make business decisions quickly and streamlining work processes.

IBM makes it easier than ever to bring collaboration tools to your employees – when and where they need them. It's simple – you choose the capabilities your users need and select the IBM offering that provides them. That's it. No longer do you need to pick and choose from individual software offerings – you select the offering that meets your requirements and IBM delivers.

IBM Lotus Notes software helps you get work done quickly, providing you with a single point of access to help create, discover and share knowledge, collaborate with teams and take action. As traditional boundaries around work disappear, Lotus Notes software helps connect you to people and information throughout the enterprise and across the Internet.